As a Seller, Should you Stage your Home – A List of Pros and Cons


Staging a unit for sale is a practice that not every person might be up for but it does have its benefits. That said, to pay someone to remove some or all of your furniture from your home and then to pay someone to bring in new furniture seems like an exercise in spending money. Here’s a quick rundown of pros and cons to whether you should stage your home or not.

Pro: The Experts Recommend it

Even if you might not be up for it, almost every realtor is going to tell you to stage your home. To get your house ready for sale, it needs to be presented as such. If you strictly go by what your realtor tells you, staging your home can nab you a sale that might not have otherwise.

Con: The Cost

Yes, it does cost to rent furniture, paint the walls, clean the carpets, and do landscaping. By presenting a sales-friendly home, you might close that sale faster than you would without these tips and tricks.

For some Torontonians, the cost does not justify staging. That’s alright if it doesn’t. There are some strategies you can do yourself to keep the home looking fresh though to get the most out of it, you will probably need to pay a little bit of change to get it done.

Pro: It Will look a Heck of a Lot Nicer to Buyers

Buyers are likely to visit multiple homes before making a purchase decision. By making your home look as nice as it possibly can, you have a higher likelihood of closing a sale.

Buyers don’t want to see an empty home. They want to see something that they can interject themselves into. At the very least, a home for sale needs to look presentable and to many, that involves staging. There are countless examples of sellers who have staged their homes to see the dollar amount on offers increase and ultimately that have helped nab them a higher sales ratio.

Pro: What it Covers up

Though it’s important to communicate any deficiencies of a property to a prospective buyer, that doesn’t need to be the first thing they see and hear. By staging a property, cover old, dirty, out of date, and out of style aspects of your home.

Con: It Does Take some Work

Even though staging does look very nice, it does require someone to be there to make sure everything is where it needs to be and that all looks great. For some, this is fun. For some realtors, they will volunteer their services for this. At other times, if you’re just looking for a quick sale, you might not be there to get the most out of your staging. That does not necessarily mean not to do it. It’s just something to think about as you’re planning how to sell your property.

See Results when you Stage, even if it require a Little More Effort

The results of staging a home is that it is likely to sell faster and for more, statistically speaking, than if you didn’t stage. If you own a property and are serious about selling, don’t compromise.

Make sure the house looks good. This doesn’t have to mean taking out all the furniture and replacing it with new items but it does mean covering up its weaknesses. This may mean buying an item here and there to add something extra to the home. Remember to consult with your realtor before making any big decisions and listen to them on what the most worthwhile way is to get your home ready for sale.

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